Automotive Exterior Trim

The company persist in the design principle of product serialization, universalization and standardization, satisfy the requirement of rationality, advancement, flexible, maintainability, reliability, economy and manufacturability.

Automotive interior Trim

Conformance to odor test requirement of vehicle trim materials which has no pungent odor but create a fresh and comfortable environment

Powertrain & Fuel Systems

The core members from our plastic fuel tank project team have 15 years to 22 years of professional experience in the design and manufacturing of plastic fuel system. With an excellent technical team and advanced production equipments, we are confident to provide customers with great service. Plastic fuel tank is mainly applied to small and medium-sized passenger cars, such as vans, sedan, SUV and MPV etc.

PVC Material for Automotive Interiors

The PVC material can be applied to seat cover, door panel, door panel armrest, auxiliary instrument panel and shift gear cover.

Vehicle Body Light Weight Structure

In terms of mechanical property, composite are comparable to or even superior to metal. Meanwhile, composite has the advantages of light weight and high degree molding freedom which is the development trend of lightweighting vehicle.
Through the use of composite engineering materials, the use of plastic substitute steel, mature in the front module, engine cover, spare tire trays and other components on the application. Safe and reliable, effective to reduce the weight of the vehicle.


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